Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Gun Control? Stand Up and Be Counted

"Gun control" seemed to be a dead issue just a few years ago. (Come to think, the Cold War seemed to be over just a few years ago...) Now it's out of its grave and stalking through the land like a vampire. Some people refuse to learn from history, and it's hard to be charitable about the ones who are over age 30. People who've not noticed that gun bans don't stop murder, even if they've been in the District of Columbia during its gun ban years, are showing us that their agenda is not actually to prevent murder. They don't care whether criminals shoot or stab suspected informers in the back; what they care about is a bigger government in which they hope to have a lucrative, influential job.

About younger advocates of "gun control" I feel more charitable. When my brother and I were in elementary school we used to make up stories about an alternate world where things that might have happened, in various times and places, explored all kinds of "What would happen if" scenarios. We did this between the ages of seven and fourteen, so we weren't too well informed and our stories don't have much value for the adult world. And at twelve I remember deciding that a certain country had no gun violence because they had no guns. "What if another country attacked?" my brother asked. I said, "They have slingshots." And that could work, for a few hundred years, in fiction written by a twelve-year-old. It does not work in real life. It didn't even work for my brother; for another year or two, any time that imaginary country came into a story, he'd proposed a scenario where some other country wanted to invade them, because all they had for weapons were slingshots. In the real world a country can, like Switzerland, be neutral and pacifist, but only if they have a serious army with serious weapons. But it took me a few years to learn this, so maybe it's taken you a little longer than it did me or my brother.

If you're old enough to know that preventing murder starts a long time before murderers get their hands on weapons, that when people want to commit murder keeping guns out of their hands only forces them to choose methods that are more painful to victims and more dangerous to bystanders, and if you're more interested in preventing murder than in bloating a too-powerful government that would naturally be taken over by would-be murderers, please take Mike Opelka's poll here:


Don't let the control freaks claim that a majority of Americans still want "gun control." A majority of Americans who've lived long enough to be entitled to an opinion know that we're safer when responsible Americans are armed than we are when only evildoers have guns.