Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mean Anti-Obama Tip

As Becket Adams explains, there's a good chance that this "tip" may be a fake...

As regular readers know, restaurants routinely calculate wages on the assumption that if everyone tips 15% the tips will add up to the minimum legal hourly wage. And a lot of restaurant employees work only 35 hours a week, or fewer, with no benefits.

Want to make a statement about how this administration's policies are hurting you financially? Stop eating in "nice" sit-down restaurants. When you're on the road, eat fast food, or convenience-store food (convenience-store food tends to be healthier). When you're at home, cook. Guys, you will not believe how much money you can save.

But please don't go into restaurants and leave snarky remarks for competent workers who depend on tips to pay their bills.

If the workers were obnoxious and disgusting and deserve less than the minimum hourly wage, of course, you have this web site's permission to leave them advice instead of cash as "tips." Just be sure the restaurant has had time to train new employees, say about a year, before you go back.