Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Testing Anthrax Vaccine on Children?

Some of Steve Milloy's correspondents are very alarmed about a proposal that would allow an experimental anthrax vaccine to be tested on American children (who are not, of course, currently at any risk of being exposed to anthrax).

"Whose children?", indeed.

I don't know of any church that has this formal policy on vaccinations. I've been a member of a church that banned vaccinations, and--to my everlasting regret--a member of a church that encouraged vaccinations. However, I wish there were churches that had a Common Sense policy on vaccinations:

1. When the known risks of having the vaccine are lower than the known risks of being exposed to the disease (and you are likely to be exposed to the disease), get the vaccine.

2. When the known risks of the vaccine exceed the known risks of the disease, don't even consider the vaccine.