Tuesday, January 8, 2013

About Russian-American Adoptions: Apologies...

Gentle Readers, the Politichicks sent a very relevant (although distressing) discussion of the problems that have produced that ban on U.S. citizens adopting Russian children. I planned to post links and comments yesterday. Unfortunately, I stored that whole post on that dear little laptop computer you've been reading about. Now Yahoo's innovations seem not only to be clogging up this computer, but allowing e-mail to be hacked--I received, and her other e-friends seem to have received, a bit of spam in Grandma Bonnie Peters' name yesterday. I called GBP, and she had no idea where it might have come from. Now I'm worried. I don't want to run Yahoo on the laptop until this is cleared up. I don't want to bring out the laptop and be tempted to open Yahoo, because a hacker might be able to damage the laptop. So...I'll have to take another half-hour to dig back through the e-mail itself in order to do a whole new version of the article with the Politichicks links in it. Dang.

(For those who've wondered, "dang" does not actually derive from an English swearword, although its popularity is probably due to its sounding like one. "Dang" is the English phonetic spelling of the French word dingue, which has a different origin and precise meaning, but is used as a French equivalent of, and is thus an English euphemism for, "crazy." Which is about the most obnoxious word Southern Ladies of my generation were allowed to learn as children. So it fits.)