Wednesday, January 9, 2013

For Those Following the Benghazi Investigation...

This web site is not the place to follow the Benghazi murder investigation. At least two of us prefer not to know anything about any murder trial before the official verdict, if we can avoid it. As I've noted, when commenting on Hillary Rodham Clinton's conveniently timed flu and concussion: if witnesses to murder trials don't have real concussions, real concussions may be provided. However, society does need to know the results of these trials.

E-friend Karen Bracken, located in cyberspace at, is following the investigation intensely, and has launched a "Post Card Campaign"--she's actually selling special postcards. Here's the e-mail, edited for formatting and rules (we can't presume guilt before a judge does):

" Have you sent your postcards?? Has Obama forced you and your group to take your eye off Benghazi and on to another crisis. This is how they get us off target. We can put some folks in jail with Benghazi if we keep up the pressure!! I sent my cards--did you?? We cannot let the murder of 4 Americans go unpunished. I am also going to a meeting on Tuesday. I am taking 200 cards with me. I am giving 10 free Gadsden cards to the first 20 people that promise to send them. And yes I will be addressing each card before I hand them out.

Patriots, I know there is a lot going on and many are overwhelmed. But please keep in mind that is the objective. Cloward and Piven--overload the people so they become so overwhelmed they give in and give up. So just keep this in mind. A lot of what is going on is to divert our attention from the real issue. BENGHAZI.

Please purchase 10 postcards. Please ask everyone you know and all members of your group to purchase just 10 postcards and send them to Representative Darrell Issa.

Examples of what you can put on the card are:

We demand to know who gave the order to stand down in Benghazi and prosecute them to the full extent of the law.

"We the People" demand an independent investigation of Benghazi.

"We the People" demand to know the truth about Benghazi.

Use one of the statements, use them all or make up your own but please just 10 postcards from the post office or purchase Gadsden postcards from Agenda 21 Today….here is a direct link to the cards:

You can buy just a couple (12 for $3.50) or you can buy 1000 for $85. these cards can be used for future Post Card Campaigns too so stock up. (prices include shipping in the USA). If you buy a box of 1000 and sell them 12 for $3.50 for your group Benghazi Post Card Campaign….do the math……you could make a nice profit for your group.

Phone calls are also recommended. Just think if we and everyone we knew sent 10 postcards and made 1 phone call to Rep. Issa it might just make a difference.

Representative Darrell Issa
Washington DC Office
2347 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

Phone: 202-225-3906

Fax: 202-225-3303

The stamp for a post card is 32 cents. That is $3.20 for postage on 10 cards. My Gadsden cards ARE IN THE MAIL. Please let me know if you decide to participate. Let me know if you are getting a group together for a postcard writing campaign to Rep. Issa.

Karen Bracken - I WILL NOT COMPLY - WILL YOU? "

Gentle Readers, I'm afraid to buy postcards because it's hard enough to keep the warm room warm and the cats and me fed in January, but I have to tell you that I received "postcards from heaven" for this purpose. I dug through some old junk in the shed. No surprise--papers at the bottom of a stack hadn't been wet, but had trapped enough moisture from the air that they'd started to smell musty. And in this stack there were a dozen old postcards, never mailed, lots of different designs, many pretty scenes from the Caribbean Islands. Would my relatives want postcards that they'd feel obliged to save as souvenirs, and that might infect their souvenir drawers with mold? Aha! Mr. Issa won't feel obliged to save these cards. Just count'em, recycle'em, and at worst dream of a way to stick it to his constituents for his next Caribbean cruise! Don't you just love it?!

For those of you who can afford to buy new, clean postcards...Karen Bracken has invested a lot of her time, effort, and money in things like this, the Bill Reading Marathon, Agenda 21 research, and other efforts to keep our country on track. All Tea Partiers who can spare even $3.50 should buy the Gadsden cards. I've been investigating the cost of publishing some of the beautiful nature photos linked here, as postcards or a book or whatever, and can assure you that Karen Bracken is working cheap on this project.