Friday, January 11, 2013

Ted Nugent Tells the Truth: And Here's Some More

Shamelessly exploiting the rocker's fame to attract page views, we say "Amen" to the statements Becket Adams quotes Ted Nugent making in this video:

For those who can't watch the video, yes, enough of the text is printed to make it worth clicking over.

Three courses of action I recommended to those who want to save lives, in a Blaze comment some time back, have been buried by now so I'll share them here:

1. Spread out the population. One thing I learned from living with a tight gun ban in Washington (aside from the obvious fact that only criminals had guns) was that living in crowded urban conditions makes some people very edgy. D.C. teenagers were killing each other because one of them thought the other was looking at him or her too much--"Disrespectful." Every creature needs personal space. Crowding creates craziness. Just say no to population "growth" plans.

2. Don't legalize, regulate, and thus promote the drugs associated with violent insanity (PCP or Prozac, LSD or even Flomax). Do end the hypocrisy about the poor little helpless users being a different group of people from the evil dealers. Users become dealers if they survive as users long enough. They don't belong in prison with rapists and murderers. They do belong in a tight and solid treatment program, and if they go back on drugs, they belong in a hospital, or in a tight and solid supervised-release program.

3. Don't waste time trying to monitor firearms. Use that time productively to monitor the people most likely to use just about anything as a deadly weapon--the users of drugs associated with violent insanity. No need to try to convince parents that their sweet, shy, sad teenaged daughter who cuts herself when she's off antidepressants is (yet!) another Lanza or Klebold or McVeigh waiting to explode. Just reeducate ourselves to admit that, if people really need antidepressants, or anti-hyperactive pills, or even a "relaxant" to keep their bladders from waking them up at night, they need supervision in the event that they become insane.

I'm using Flomax here as an example of how far from the profile of a typical "addict" the people we need to watch can be. Flomax is a prescription drug given to older men for legitimate medical reasons. It does not produce a high, just the refreshment of being able to sleep at night. Yet I've been battered with fists, bitten with dentures, and once stabbed with a car key by nice, kind old gentlemen, pillars of the community, who were having momentary short-circuits of the brain, which can be a side effect of this drug; I've seen forty or fifty years of responsible driving end with these patients' cars crashing into concrete, and realized that it could have been a school bus. The people we need to be watching, to prevent all kinds of random murders and homicides, are not necessarily evil. They are ill...and their illness can unfortunately kill any number of other people, at any moment, with no warning.