Sunday, January 6, 2013

Yahoo Wants to Make Service More Personal?

Actually, although I want to use the name of Yahoo throughout this article because it's the company annoying me today, what I have to say applies to all Internet service providers of all kinds:

I'm not sure how much this has to do with the welcome e-mails from fellow Yahoos mysteriously going into the spam folder. I'm quite sure it's connected to the mysterious glitch that ruined my weekend by suddenly "forbidding" me to continue using my own e-mail (mid-session). Once again some idiot's urge to innovate has changed the familiar, reliable format of the page from which my "Classic" e-mail opens...

Pause to note that there are four e-mails associated with this web site: private e-mails for Priscilla King, Gena Greene, and Grandma Bonnie Peters, and a group e-mail for Saloli the Message Squirrel. PK, GG, and GBP all signed on in time to get Yahoo Classic and disable automatic "upgrades," and therefore our e-mail works much more efficiently than Saloli's. When we open Saloli's "Yahoo.Neo" account, it can take several minutes to be able to mark and delete obvious spam without opening it, lots of obvious spam gets into the in-box, and it can take up to five minutes to be able to sign out. We're keeping Yahoo Classic for our individual e-mail because Yahoo Neo is just too annoying.

So anyway, today the main page looks more like Yahoo Neo, with a tedious Facebook link thrown in, and it is slow, and it doesn't show features it should show, and it contains an outright lie to the effect of "We'll remember what you like...we'll make your e-mail service more personal"! Spare us all.

Attention Yahoo, Google, and all other Internet service providers. What I like is to be able to use my service, in the way I'm accustomed to doing, with the device I've been using. No changes. Not ever. Don't change anything unless and until I've complained about it. I want the format of the web pages I use to look exactly the same for the rest of my lifetime. Once I've learned that a button I use is in this part of the page and looks like this, then this is where that button should be, and how it should look, forevermore. That's what I like!

And even among young, restless, twitchy, attention-deficient spoiled brats (granted I don't hang out with them much) I've never actually heard anyone say, "I've learned how to use this e-mail service without thinking about it...I hate that! Time to mess it up with lots of changes that will make it take longer for me to send and receive e-mail!" No, people. Suppress that urge to innovate. You can keep things working the way they've been working if you make a real effort...or if you can't, maybe you should be employed as a clown rather than a service provider.

Why am I filing this under "scam"? Because, if you are an employer and an employee says "I want to change our web site and give our users something new and different," and you continue to pay that employee, you are being scammed!