Sunday, January 6, 2013

Zoning Out of Control in Fauquier County

As I've been saying for several years...if you have a zoning ordinance, sooner or later you'll have a fascist bully trying to use it to attack his or her neighbors. Consider what Mark Fitzgibbons reports from Fauquier County, Virginia:

Criminal penalties for rescuing animals and hosting children's parties? Yes, that's what zoning leads to. We really need some legislation to the effect that anything anyone chooses to do with his or her property is legal unless it materially (not just aesthetically) harms someone else. (This legislation would not legalize strip mining, or, in a condominium, even smoking cigarettes--but it would prevent attempts to dictate what colors other people paint their houses.) We need to start imposing fines on people who try to propose, or enforce, ridiculous laws, and the most ridiculous laws in America come under the heading of "zoning."

Delegate Scott Lingamfelter is making a name for himself, and generating statewide support for any long-term political ambitions he may harbor, by sponsoring a "Boneta Bill" aimed specifically at protecting property owners from Fauquier-style abuses of "zoning authority." Hurrah. We need more legislation to the effect that people like Kimberley Johnson are permanently barred from office, heavily fined, and probably even barred from voting for ten years, for abusing local authority to attack private citizens.