Sunday, January 6, 2013

Jail Time for Offending Religious Feelings?

In Russia, even the Patriarch of the Orthodox Church thinks an official backlash against official atheism may be going too far:

Should anyone really have the right to demand that their government do anything about their "offended feelings"? (Or anyone else, for that matter?) Shouldn't the legal remedy for "offended feelings" be something like "I'm so sorry, what a pity, you poor dear"?

That doesn't mean that individuals can't offer personal, emotional payback for their "offended feelings." For example, if youall found it easier to post comments on this site--which I hope to make possible--and this ease tempted someone out there to post obnoxious troll comments like some of the hatespews I've seen on Yahoo News and The Blaze, my recourse would be to pull down the offending comments, and yours would be to complain about the ones that offended you more than they did me. But...jail terms? For basic obnoxiousness? Mercy.